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Filegroup – queries

I hve i have few queries, someone can pls ans to this . *)Keeping all files of a filegroup in one drive ,
Keeping all files of a filegroup in different drive — which would be better and why?I am talkin about logical drive.
Generally speaking, if you spread data files across multiple disks then you get better throughput as more disk heads are working for you. EX — If logical drive F has three files , I don’t see any advantage here bcoz irrespective of number of files, at any given instant throughput will be the same as that provided by actual physical disks that belong to F logical drive. Now if you have logical drives G and H available and you place files on all of them then , physical disks belonging to F, G and H will be working for you and also you can split your table placements based on your read/write requirements.
Above explanation assumes you have equal no of physical disks in each of the logical drives. As you see the advantage you get by splitting into different drives/filegroups is table / object placement. Above does not make sense if total physical disks in one logical drive EQUALS total physical disks on all of multiple logical drives, from performance perspective, but still splitting across multiple logical drives will help you in object placement which in turn will improve performance.
I believe this was discussed many times in the forum, also search for similar topics. Satya SKJ
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