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Filegroups 2

hi all In My Database 10 tables are accessed heavily which are very large in volume.
What i did is,i put all the cluster and non cluster indexes of that tables in diiferent file group on the same phsical disk ?dose it will improve performance? thanks Atul A Sathe
Hi Atul,
In your similar topic all have commented that changing the filegroup for heavyily accessed tables will improve performance.
It will always improve performance on seperating the tables and indexes on different filegroups and also check the disk placement and data file location with a better RAIDs. & is the best source of information. Satya SKJ
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yes it will improve the performances
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Placing heavily accessed tables in one filegroup and the table’s non-clustered indexes in another filegroup on different physical disk can improve database performance, because it will allow seperate threads to access the tables and indexes. However, a table and its clustered index cannot be seperated into different filegroups as the clustered index determines the physical order of the data in the table. /* SKChandra */
Placing data in another filegroup on the same physical disk, should yield you nothing. —
Frank Kalis
SQL Server MVP