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files and filegroups

hi all,
i create a new database named KV in that i created two files named F1.MDF AND F2.NDF on two seperate drives C and D on my system. AND PLACE THE TWO FILES IN THE FILEGROUP—-FG1 i created a table T1 on fg1 and inserted some data. according to BOL the data in the table is equally spans across F1 AND F2 can i create another file named F3 in current database on same filegroup fg1? if so will the existing data ( in F1 and F2)span across the three files now? and one more doubt….how to check how much space has been used in a specific file?
is there any command for that? any thoughts?
thnx in advance krishna chaitanya.s
project engineer-SQLDBA

sp_helpdb <dbname> will give you the list of files and sizes —————————————-
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If you have specified filegroup F1 as default, then the data willbe stored in this filegroup.
Satya SKJ
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BOL says, Database files can be grouped together in filegroups for allocation and administration purposes. Some systems can improve their performance by controlling the placement of data and indexes onto specific disk drives. Filegroups can aid this process. The system administrator can create filegroups for each disk drive, then assign specific tables, indexes, or the text, ntext, or image data from a table, to specific filegroups. we cannot assign a specific object to a file ,but assignin objects to a filegroup is possible.Unlike LOg files data span across multiple datafiles . -Rajiv
thnx for ur suggestions
krishna chaitanya.s
project engineer-SQLDBA