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Filter problem in Office 2003

I know this site is a SQL-Server dedicated but probably one might have an experience with this problem and can give me some hints. Our applications are Access with SQL-Server. Recently, they are upgraded to Office 2003. Here is the problem with an example: Filed data: 12345 Test message Filter criteria when using Office 2000: "*12345*"
and it bring the record. Filter criteria when using Office 2003: "*12345*"
and it doesn’t bring anything. Any idea about the issue with Office 2003?
Here is more discussion: I load the form. It shows that 21281 record is loaded. I can browse. If i R-Click on a field and Filter For something, it brings up all records match to that criteria. If I use * in that criteria, it doesn’t show anything. This happens while I can do the same in Access 2000 and it brings filtered records. How come?
Hi ya, no idea, but this sounds like a MS change to the way they work in Access? I had a quick look on the web and can’t see any documented change in the use of wildcards in Access 2003, but that’s not to say that there wasn’t a change… have you tried posting this on one of the MS Acess forums? Cheers
On the generic terms have you applied latest service pack for Office 2003. Satya SKJ
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CanadaDB, On the screen with no records showing, go to Records>Filter/Sort>Advanced Filter/Sort – what is the exact criteria expression under the column?
Twan, the form is result of some tables’ join. I think Access 2003 loads everything in memory and when the user is setting filter using R-Click, there is no call to my SP which provides the information. Seems Access 2003 is looking within the 21281 records for a match that it has already in memory. This should be the same with Access 2000. Probably, Access 2003 is more intelligent than 2000 version and doesn’t provide the filtered records for such a record set results. Satya, I don’t know but I am pretty sure the development team has taken care of the service packs. Adriaan, I will check it early in the Monday morning and reply your posting. Thank you all for postings, CanadaDBA