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find out when a particular row has been inserted

I am wondering how can I find out when a particular row has been inserted in a table.I have checked the error logs but i havent found something useful.Some one has inserted unpariamentry words on a website through the website’s admin pannel.The access to admin pannel has been given to many people.Please suggest
How about some 3rd tools like Apex SQL Audit?
Luis Martin
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Bertrand Russell
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Will this tool be useful in reporting the older issues,like the one happned wid us?The management is continously asking me to find out.sigh!!!
After viewing all the error logs in log folder I hv found a record there:
2005-05-31 17:17:27.25 spid16 1 transactions rolled forward in database ‘uopra’ (185).
But it does not give any detail information.Apart from this I havent found any this useful.
There is no way to find out when a particular row has been inserted until and unless your database is in full recovery mode and you take t-log backups. If you do that then you can go back and use tools like lumigent log explorer to find out exactly when a record has been inserted but if you don’t know the approximate time, then this exercise is not useful. The message that you looked in the log is the usual message whenever sql server is started and it tries to recover all the databases. Thats not useful for your purpose. I don’t know about third party tools that might provide you with this capability. I have never tested Lumigent Entegra or Apex SQL Audit (as Luis suggests). Why don’t you create a column createdate in your table, assign default value to getdate() and make it not nullable so the code won’t have to change at all. I don’t know whether it is feasible for you. HTH
-Rajeev Lahoty
The approximate time I know that it happened in between 28th may and 7th june. also provides the way to audit your table. but it does not have a way to find out your datetime for the previous records

As a whole SQL never maintains such record of data, so you’ve use third party tools suggested above. Satya SKJ
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Lumigent Entegra will server your purpose . hsGoswami
[email protected] another tool