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Finding the Perfect Chair

I remember shoe shopping with my grandfather when I was young. It was almost a ritualistic experience that would occur at the start of spring each year. He would visit the same shoe shop and buy the same pair of shoes every year. He was very thrifty with his money and refused to spend a cent unless he needed to. The shoes that he would buy were one of the most expensive in the shop at almost $450 a pair. When I quizzed him one year about the cost he explained that once you have found something comfortable stick with it. He went on to explain further that he spent 8 hours on his feet working everyday and that he worked six days a week. So over the course of the year he spent 2496 hours on his feet. He followed this up by justifying the cost and asked me ‘so do you think spending $0.18 per hour too much to pay for a pair of shoes that means I still have energy when my shift is finished and I go home?’
As someone who spends a great deal of time behind a computer it is not shoes that are important to me but the chair that I sit in. Many people suffer from back pain and even work related injuries such as muscle spasm, simply because they are sitting in an office chair that does not provide sufficient support or is not designed for their body shape. Personally, I have found that the Aeron chair is one of the most comfortable chairs on the market. However, at $1,500 per chair many companies see this as excessive and a waste of money. But when you break it down like my grandfather did, is $0.78 per hour too much to spend on a chair?
– Peter Ward

For sure, they are the most ergonomic chairs out there. I have a friend at Hermal Miller and she hooked me up with 2 for £200 a piece. I’ve had them a couple of years and they’re as tight as the day i bought them, build quality is excellentYou can understand companies not wanting to shell out all that cash on an office fulle of £1000 chairs tho. Evne in my office, that would set the company back ~£20,000 so not a shy amount of money. Imagine an office with 100 people in it
I wonder if this attitude will change as we are more and more litigious. All it will take is one employee to successfully sue due to back related injuries that occurred in the work place to make $1,500 per chair seem like cheap insurance.

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