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Force installation

Yesterday I got a problem with a 2 node cluster with yukon beta 2 up an running well. There was a loss of electrical power and node 1 which was up and running was somehow affected. There was no way to get SQL up in this node.
So I’ve switched to node 2 and it is running ok there. What I want to do is somehow force reinstalling all the SQL files over the existing cluster installation so to get node 1 installation fixed. I can’t seem to be able to do that, I’ve tried from setup.exe alone and from add/remove programs. How can I force reinstallation of the whole thing?
Some parameter setup maybe? Thanks.

I haven’t seen such switch or option to do so, only way is to uninstall and reinstall. Satya SKJ
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This is a problem because the beast is so ****ed up that it doesn’t let be unistalled. damn, I’m in trouble… hehe this is why you shouldn’t play with beta stuff…