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Free up the space on sql server

HI, I have question regarding the sql 2005 server. I have database on the server which are set to simple recovery mode option since we don’t have any tranction going on. My question is that how big should I keep the log size if we don’t use the transcation. I would like to utilize my database using less growth and more free space. What I should be looking at? My database is used only for read only access and updating some table. please help me what I look into as far as not to use lot of disk space. thanks

I’ve moved to relevant forum. BTW: I suggest to leave automatic grow in that case.
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If the database size is around 20GB and you can set the Transaction log to 2gb, if the hard disk space is not a concern. The Tlog is required in order to perform the internal processess of databases during optimization jobs and any bulk load operations. Satya SKJ
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