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From 7 to 2000 to 2005

Hi all, Has anyone got any experience on upgrading to 2005 yet? We recently upgraded our systems from 7 to 2000. Now there seems to be scope for maybe moving on to 2005(!). There was a lot of effort put into testing the applications for compatibility and less than expected incompatibilities were found. Company is committed towards MS, however, majority of business application are still in deplhi (no new code is being developed in delphi), and ecommerce in c#. Do any of you have ideas on the impact of upgrading the servers from 2000 to 2005, compared to upgrade from 7 to 2000? Assuming the quicker we make the decision, less code will be written against 2000. Also how long one should wait before upgrading to only very recently released version. I am trying to come up with a percentage of effort required for the second upgrade compared to the first one. Cheers, Aku
I’ve moved to 2005 forum.
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On the whole, I would expect considerably less work from 2000 to 2005, than from 7 to either. Your specific migration depends entirely on the functionality you are utilising though, so it’s impossible to say without going into some depth on your applications. Essentially though, I would examine the features of SQL you currently use, client applications and the datafeeds involved. Of course, you need justification for your migration also, which should be the first piece of information written down.
It would be a good idea to run the SQL 2005 Upgrade Advisor against your existing SQL 2000 server. You can specify SQL scripts and SQL traces to examine also, so the advisor will take into consideration what is running against your current SQL 2000 installation. This should give you at least an idea of the level of effort that may be involved (will note items that may need to be rewritten, etc)
Thanks biged123456, Will try out this tool I was previously unaware of. Aku