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FtdiskWarning event id 50 error

Hi, Often lately, we are facing this error Let me give you system description, It’s Windows 2000 advanced server, 4 processors , 1.5 GB of RAM. SQL server 2000 configured for dynamic memory allocation,
SSQLSERVERError(2)17055N/AXXX17053 :
LogWriter: Operating system error 1450(Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.) encountered. and then in system log of eventviewer i see
9/6/20042:25:59 PMFtdiskWarningNone50N/Axxx{Lost Delayed-Write Data} The system was attempting to transfer file data from buffers to DeviceHarddiskVolume4. The write operation failed, and only some of the data may have been written to the file. Do you think this is an SQL error were it is running out of system memory Once i reboot the server error are gone for few days and again comes up after 20 days or so. Any suggestions will be really appreciated Thanks,
My gut instinct is that this is a hardware problem.. maybe faulty HD controller, RAID Controller etc
Try replacing the individual hardware if possible to see which could be causing it
Are you using software raid?
Hi Chappy, I real appreciate your promot reply.
This is poweredge dell server 2600. But had it been an hardware problem then i should i have got flashing light on dell box. I am not seeing any error with anything in device manager. everything seems to be workng fine. If it is hardware issue would you think that it would have been solved by just rebooting machine. Any suggestion is highly appreciated. And lastly it’s live production server, where management won’t allow me to have any kind of down time. Thanks
well by hardware problem i dont mean a conflict or major malfunction, just an intermittent hardware fault. I only suggest this because every time Ive had strange errors like this is the past, it has often been fixed by replacing raid controller/network card etc
A few things comes to mind. Check you raid controller cache settings. Don’t enable write cache if you dont have a backup battery for the controller itself so it can handle server shut downs etc. It could also be that you have a battery but it needs to be replaced. Bad drivers for the disk controller could also be an issue. See:
And ensure the service pack & hotfixes are upto the mark on SQL & OS for any bug fixes.
As referred by Peers it should be a hardware issue rather than a software related. Check whether Network Redirector File Caching is enabled and test it & disable?
By default, when the Windows NT redirector opens a file for read or read/write access, the redirector utilizes the Windows NT system cache. Therefore, when data is written to the file, it is written to the cache and not immediately flushed to the redirector. Also check Vendor’s support page for help. Satya SKJ
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