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FTI Problems

Friends, I am continuously facing problems with Restoration of my Full Text Indexing Catalog whenever a shutdown or a restore happens. This FTI never completes and sometimes goes to an endless loop causing the entire processor time to shoot upto 100 %. I have tried to rebuild the FTIs many times. One of the FTI Catalog object that I want to delete doesnot get deleted because it says: " Error 7619: Execution of a full Text Operation failed. The specified object cannot be found. Specify the name of an existing object." I tried rebuilding the Catalog with a different name, but it is never completing. The Table for which FTI is being built has 35 Million Records. Please suggest me the best option for coming out of this problem and improving the performance for faster rebuild of catalogs. Thanks in Advance

Could you provide: SQL version and SP? Luis Martin
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