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General Network Error

Dear All, I am having problem in transactional replication,the error are as follows General network error. Check your network documentation.
(Source: (Data source); Error number: 11) Kindly help me out in this Regards
i think it has something to do with the timeout value of the connection? AKTHAR
These errors are not conclusive, enable Logging in Replication!22A79FCE82651673!289.entry —————————————-
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quote:Originally posted by Akthar i think it has something to do with the timeout value of the connection? AKTHAR
Thanks for replying Mr.Akhtar
Started off again but this time its not giving me any network error its replicating the data smoothly,In addition to that can you tell me minimum connectivity requirment for running replication currently we have 64k link is that enough! Thanks
There are no hard core limitation for the connectivity…it all depends on how much data you are replicating…. You may get these kinds of errors when loose the connectivity specially replication over the internet….
YOu can add another schedule to the job to run every 10 minutes along with existing schedule so that job replication will continue in case this type of errors… Following is sql 2000 doc but useful for 2005 also… Merge Replication Performance Tuning and Optimization
yep all depends on how much data is being replicated. have you enable logging? does it contain any specific error??? AKTHAR