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General Performance Expectations

If I am running both a webserver and a database server on the same Server, what are some ‘general’ expectations in terms of performance I can expect to get? I realize that there are a number of factors, some being : database design, size of data, type of queries, server hardware. What I want is maybe some members can post general statistics they have received on moderate size servers.
Example: A PIII 800 with 512 Ram can expect how many concurrent queries per second? Assume most queries are simple "Select a,b,c,d,e,f,g FROM SomeTable WHERE ID = 5" and the where clause’s column in indexed.
Again, this question is very open ended but the point is for some general expectations…
Every situation is so different that it is virtually impossible to offer such statistics. The only way to know for sure is to perform your own testing using Performance Monitor. Generally speaking, assuming you want optimum SQL Server performance, your SQL Server should be on a dedicated server. Anytime you share SQL Server with any other application, such as a webserver, the applications have to share resources. But sharing applications on the same server may or may not be a "real life" issue. For example, if the load on your SQL Server and web server are small, and there are plenty of resources available for both of them, then sharing is not an issue. Of course, over time, it might be if things get busier. But if your current SQL Server, or web server, are very busy, then they should not be shared. Of course, the only way to know this is to monitor your server’s performance with Performance Monitor and see what is happening. As long as you don’t identify any server bottlenecks, you should be OK from a performance perspective. I wish I could offer more specific advice, but unfortunately, unless you know all the variables, which is seldom possible, offering specific statistics is not realistic.
Brad M. McGehee