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get data from oracle via odbc

hi, i have to retrieve data from two tables in an oracle database over odbc.
is there a step-by-step guide about how to connect to that oracle via odbc?
is it difficult?
should something be done also at the oracle-side to allow connections via from my server over odbc? is it also possible to test it with both sql server and oracle on my local pc?
i downloaded already oracle 10g to test some things out, but installation took 3hrs, and when i start it, it takes up to 400Mb working memory, pc begins to swap and i can t do nothing anymore. will it be better with oracle express? thanks in advance
You need decent RAM and Hardware to have both and achive this task locally. I use 1GB RAM with 40 GB hardisk with free space atleast 20GB to run bot for development purpose. DTS can be use to get tables from Oracle to SQl server with ease.Please check google for this or BOL from Microsoft
i have the same hardware as you (40GB disk, 1GB Ram, 1800Mhz), but there’s no way to run oracle on it. it’s the first time i install oracle myself (to be able to develop at home, without connection to the oracle server at company), but i had to uninstall it since it slowed down my pc terribly. about my other questions:
– is the odbc configured by default in oracle for any database or should i do something special? (i only find info how to configure my client, so i asume oracle will work immediately to provide odbc connections)
– in SSIS, when i want to add a data source, i see also ".Net Providers/OracleClient Data provider" next to the "Odbc Data Provider". Which is the best (and easiest) to use?