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Getting Number of Records Added

Hi all My manager has asked me to provide him with the total number of records which have been added, deleted or modified on a certain database in SQL Server 2000 during the month of September (Only total numbers not the details).
Is there away to get that information from the transaction log or by any how? please some one guide me how to do that? I appreciate ur help
I don’t think that this is possible unless the application traces this kind of info through auditing, or if a sql trace had been set up to work this out unless you can restore a copy of the database as at the start of sept and one as at the end of sept and try to work out the differences in the data Cheers
You can if you have LogPI or Lumigent Log Explorer. You would need all the transaction logs for September. You could then pull all the transactions out and analyze it. He needs to know this could take weeks though if it’s a high transaction system. If he’s going to want this information ongoing, he needs to design the application and database to have logging tables that provide this type of information. MeanOldDBA
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For future information you may take advantage of triggers to store, as long as this doesn’t affect the performance. Satya SKJ
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And consider that update and delete triggers on child tables (at the receiving end of cascading updates and deletes) will probably not show any records being updated or deleted, so if you need those statistics as well, you would need to work that out in the trigger on the master table.