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Growing Estimation

How can I estimate the growing size of a DB. This is because my server is getting without space and I need to get more, so I have to buy more disks, but I need to know aprox how much my DWH DB is going to need for the nearest future. Thank’s
I think the typical way is to have a scheduled job which runs periodically and monitors each databases size, table size etc. However, this is not much use to you as it needs to be done over a long period of time so you can see a representative trend… you dont want it to be skewed by temporary fluctuations which might occur over a few days. You might complement this with profiler showing database growths and (where relevant, shrinks) so you can factor this into your estimates also. Perfmon will also monitor database growth, set the refresh interval to a very large interval. Again you will need to run it over a long period of time to get a good idea. Naturally theres a small performance penalty running profiler. Perfmon is less so as the refresh interval would be so large as to be negligible. Disk space will always be consumed eventually regardless of the size you get, so Id simply advise buying as much as your budget allows. The largest capacity disks available are always priced at a premium, so you might want to buy just below this capacity where the price is more reasonable.
Several ways are discussed here by SQL Server MVP Vyas Kondreddi. —