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Guideline for working with OLAP 2005 in teams

Hi all, I need some guideline for deployment of OLAP cubes. We have 2 servers (PROD and DEV) which are both SQL 2005 servers. Is it possible to work on 1 single server simultaniously? The issue that we have now is that the changes from the first user are sometimes overwritten by the changes of the second user when using both online and offline development. What is the best way to be able to work with multiple persons on the same OLAP database. And is it possible to deploy only a single dimension or a single cube in case of needing to deploy the entire solution? Thanks in advance, Geert

I think it is not possible to deploy only part of your solution.
Even I have tried so many times but you get the option of deployment only when you click on database.
Also to work on same solution at same time by more than one user is not possible.
Its like .net project.
Users can work on different files of solution simultaneously but not on same file else content will be overwritten.