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Hard Drive size

Hi All,
We are purchasing another SCSI drive to hold out database log files (at present they are on the same drive as the data files) and i am wondering how i should go about determining what size drive to get. I think 9gig would be more than enough, but my boss has told me to order whatever i think we need… What should i look at to decide if 9 is really enough? Thanks Ben
can you even still buy a 9G scsi drive? unless this is an ebay direction.
do you have U320 or U160 SCSI?
U320 has other enchancements beyond the 2X data rate that are very important. hence if you have a U320 adapter, it is very important to use U320 drives as well.
i think new 36G U320 scsi drives are approx $135 US, versus $220 for the 73GB.
so even though you only need 9GB, you may as well buy th 36GB
now that we are talking on this, i think i still have 9G scsi drives sitting in my basement for the last 3yrs, it will probably cost more to send to australia than they are worth
Thanks Joe,
Just did a bit of a search, and you are right- it doesnt look like you can still buy 9GB drives. I guess this makes the decision on what size to buy a bit easier (36G will be PLENTY!)! Not too sure at this stage if we have U320 or U160 but will look into it and make sure we get the right sort of drive!