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Hardware Configuration

Hi, We have an existing setup of our Co-Lo as follows: EqualLogic PS300E iSCSI SAN with 2 arrays grouped together. Each Array has 14 SATA Disks with 6.5TB capacity and is configured with RAID50. We are moving our existing SQL 2000 dbs to this new location and soon will have SQL 2005 installed. Our largest db is around 12GB. It is more read intensive. Before we move any of the SQL Server dbs over, I would like to test the existing hardware and was wondering if I could get help with some proper procedure in doing so?? I have ran SQLIOSim on our existing hardware and if this is the correct tool to go with at this new location?? Thanks.
Check: http://www.sql-server-performance.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=16995 Luis Martin
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Did you get any informaton from SQLIOSIM tool results?
As you are going on upgrade path make sure to consider the changes between the 2 versions, backward compatibility, stored procedure optimization and selection of DTS packages to SSIS including the scheduled jobs. Once you have identified the upgrade path, then it will be easy to go through the hardware performance tuning. Satya SKJ
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