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Having data under several "directories"

I am construction a Q&A Database in MS Access. An example of one directory would be "Technical > Software > Data Security > Vulnerablility Testing". I also want this same information to appear "Technical > Servers > OS Security > Vulnerabilities Updating", as well as a number of other directories. I am trying to wrap my brain around how I can most effectively do this. Any thoughts?
can’t picture what you want, you need table design ? give an example of data you want to put it May the best cheaters win
Do you want to copy the file from one location to other?
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Keep in mind there is a difference between MS Access and SQL Server when it comes to the designing, if you aren’t using SQL at all then its better to post your query in MS Access related forums. Satya SKJ
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Here is a more detailed description of the problem at hand…. Right now I have 3 relevant tables: Main
– Question_id (key)
– Cat1
– Cat2
– Cat3
– Cat4
– Question_full
– Answer_id Answers
– Answer_id
– Answer_full
– Cat1
– Cat2
– Cat3
– Cat4 Categories
– category_id (This value will be in the above Cat1, Cat2 … categories)
– category_name
– category_level (there are 4 levels Non-Physical and Physical being 1, then level 2 might have Software, Hardware, Network, etc. and so on, getting more specific as the levels go up) What I am trying to accomplish is a db that will show all the questions and answers that fall into a certain category, which will be selected by the db user. My problem is that I can not figure out a good way to get my questions and answers to fall into multiple categories. A winzip password question and answer should show up when someone queries for winzip as well as any questions about passwords. I will need to redesign my tables but I just can’t seem to get my head around this. Any help/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!