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Having Two datasets in a Single Report

Hi!! I have a report with 2 tables, each one from a different dataset: in the first I have all the information about some folders, with a row for each folder… and in the other one all the information about the files of those folders, with a row for each file… I have done it doing groups, the first by FolderName and the second one by FileName… It works perfectly, but now I would like to join all the information in only one table so firstly the report show the information of a folder and after that, the information of its files… and just the same with the rest of folders… The problem is that I can’t modify the queries so i have 2 datasets… why I can’t have a table inside another table and each one from a different dataset??? another suggestions to do it??? Thanx in advance!! Sergio
Why don’t you create a single dataset by joining required tables? Satya SKJ
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Hi Satya!! Well, I think I would have too much information repeated if I get all the information in a single dataset, I mean, I would have folder data so many times as files in the folder… If I dont find another solution I will have to use that but I hoped to find a better way…