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Help in Finding out

Hi How to find out the following settings from the SQL SERVER database? 1. sorting and case sensitivity of a database ? is it collation?
2. What is the decimal places set for <DB> ? Thanks In Advance.
1. Correct.
2. AFAIK, you set the number of decimals wherever you define a field with decimals, or declare a variable with decimals. Not sure if there’s a default for the number of decimals.
1: You might find
useful to determine collation. 2: Not sure what you exactly mean by it, but default precision is 18 with a maximum precision of 38. You can read it in BOL at ‘precision of data type’.


Returns the precision level used by decimal and numeric data types as currently set in the server
I think the default will be precision of 5 and a scale of 2. Satya SKJ
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Thank You very much. It helps me very lot.
Thanks once again. Nagesh