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Help Me With SQL Please

Hey SQL Peoples I am in a database class an i am doing a project, i am fairly new to sql so i was wondering where do u find the tools in sql to make an execuatble database application and to do the encryption of the database
What do you mean my an executable database application? —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
About executable database application, I think you mean a developer tool to write code and access database, like visual basic.
Just to have more information: do you know stores procedures?
Luis Martin
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SQL Server 2000 does not provide a front end developemt tool. You would need to use Visual Studio or some other type of sofware. What exactly do you mean by encryption of the DB?
Hewlett-Packard Company
The SQL Server client tools such as Enterprise Manager, Profier, Query Analyzer etc. are installed under program filesmssql (if its SQL 2000 default) otherwise check the directory. As you’re new to the SQL Its better to get more information about SQL SErver engine and not to go for encryption of database, which is more confusing. Satya SKJ
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