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In work we have recently taken delivery of some new Dell Servers. The servers are configured with 3 SCSI Drives connected to one PERC controller. I want to configure the arrays and RAID settings for optimum speed in SQL Server 2000. I don’t need to worry about backup and there is only one user of the SQL Server at any given time. My question is how should I configure the Drives i.e. how many arrays. I am going to use RAID level 0 as backups are not an issue. Once the drives are configured what is the best way to segregate the database? I.e. should temp db and its log go on one physical drive and the data on a physical drive and then the logs one the other physical drive? Your hlep is much appreciated. Kind regards
open the dell box, figure the Original Equipment Manufacturer for the PERC controller, if it is Adaptec, throw it away, get the LSI made PERC
otherwise, save yourself the grief, just start looking for a new job. 2. 3 disks drives are too few to worry about disk performance, there won’t be any,
you really need to get atleast 14-20 spread across 4 SCSI channels to consider disk performance. almost every one makes the mistake of buying a few big drives instead many smaller drives