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help-sp_who output

Hi, this is what i get when i execute sp_who in my system.I have only one instance of SQL Query Analyzer running(uses Northwind).but it gives output like this. 51 0 Sleepin Domaingkrishn EC2C2F124952 0 msdb AWAITING COMMAND
52 0 Sleepin Domaingkrishn EC2C2F124952 0 msdb AWAITING COMMAND
53 0 runnable Domaingkrishn EC2C2F124952 0 Northwnd Select
54 0 Sleepin Domaingkrishn EC2C2F124952 0 msdb AWAITING COMMAND I checked the Counter (SQlserver:generalstatistics:user connections).it also shows 4 instead of 1 connection. can anyone helpout with this ?? tnx in advance.
It’s probably SQL Server Agent. Is it running? Is it running under the domain account Domaingkrishn? It will make several connection to msdb to check jobs, schedules, etc, all the time. Try stopping SQL Server Agent, if you can – you’ll then see these connections disappear. Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB
wow nice reply. tnx thomas.<br /><br />i had a detailed check with sp_who2 .<br />the four process are . . .<br /> 51)SQLAgent – Generic Refresher <br /> 52)SQLAgent – Alert Engine <br /> 53)SQL Query Analyzer <br /> 54)SQL Query Analyzer – Object Browser note<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-3.gif’ alt=’:eek:‘ />bject browsr is also a seperate process <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ /><br /><br />tnx .This site seems to be veryhelpfull .<br />
If you see any connection against MSDB means SQL Agent is scheduled to run/manage a job.
If it is a production SQL Server then you can drop Northwind and pubs databases. Satya SKJ
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