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Help! "Step through disabled" Procedure debugging

Dear Friends, i am trying to debug procedure thru opening Query Analyser and pressing F8 i am able to see Object Browser on left side, i selected the d/b and expanded it then i selected a stored procdure by right click of mouse. I selected "Debug". It shows me alert msg "SQL Debugging may not work properly if you log on as ‘Local System Account’ while SQl server is configured to run as a service. You can open Event Viewer to see details." DO U WISH TO CONTINUE- I selected "YES" I am able to see 3 split windows on right side and GO, Toggle, Untoggle are enabled BUT Step Into, Step Over, Step Out…Stop debugging are disabled at menu bar. The 1st right split window shows the proc code, 2nd split window shows Local-Global-Callstack none of them shows any values(blank), 3rd split window shows records(result) and
@RETURN_VALUE = 0 message I had Toggled at each and every line of the procedure in 1st split window still it doesnt respond anything. What might be the problem, If u need any information let me know. how to solve it do i need to give any permissions. i tried logging from windows Authentication and also from Sql Authentication (sa/sa), still same problem occurs. i am using SQL Server 2000. Pls help me out Thanks in advance
Murali Kumar
Which is the error in event viewer?
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Check that the SQL Server service account is a user or domain user account and not the Local System Cheers
Link to troubleshoot TSQL Debugger – HTH Satya SKJ
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