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Help Troubleshooting Linked Server Performance

I have a SQL 2000 Server(S1) and I’ve setup a Linked Server to another SQL 2000 Server(S2). On S1 I have a view that issues a query against S2. It takes 20 seconds to return the result set. However if I setup the same Linked Server on a third SQL 2000 Server(S3), and create the same view, the query returns the result set in 1 second. I’ve tried running profiles and checked Client/Network Utility settings and server settings, and all appear to be identical. I’m at a loss to this point on how to further troubleshoot this problem. Additionally, one strange item that I’ve noticed is when I SET STATISTICS PROFILE ON before I run the query to query the view I get different results on S1 as I do on S3. It appears that S1 is doing more work than S3. I feel like there is a setting somewhere that I just can’t find. Any help or suggestions on trouble shooting this issue would be greatly appreciated. Frank

Can you confirm the MDAC level between these linked servers. Satya SKJ
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Thanks for the response Satya. We are running MDAC version 2.7 on Both.