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Help Very Slow disk Performance

Dear All, My Sql Server 2000 had at once done all of a suddenly Become very slow. Our database is
a mix of OLTP and TAKING Management Reports through Application). On Analayis i had find that when
database activity is going during the day or even backup of a database at night, then Even copying a single file 0f 250 mb takes 30 mins. Thus through Performace monitor also i had checked and it was found that their is a very heavy Disk IO. But no change ha been done in terms of the hardware or WINDOWS or Database server CONFIGURATION. Our Sever configuration is windows 2003 with 3 GB of RAM. WITH SAN. 4 CPU xeon PROCESSOR WITH 2.86 GHZ 8 HARDDISK OF 176 GB WITH RAID 5 OF 10000 RPM Partition c: for OS WITH 60 GB.
Partition d: 300 GB for SQL SERVER 2000 SP4. with database files of 14 GB AND 8 GB AND 4 Log files of 2 GB each.
Partion E: around 350 GB unused. Can any one suggest what can be the Problem and who can this be tracked or Problem can be resolved. This Performance Degrdation happened all of a sudden when LAST WEEK our server got stuck and we had to restart the server. We had check all the Hardware and no Problem was found and Even the microsoft had suggested that to make 4 log files instead to one but it was all file earlier. How can their be such Performance Degration all of a sudden.
That even a simple delete command on small table with no indexes and no Blocking can caused Timeout. ALL INDEXES HAD BEEN Maintained and Even the Nightly job of Reindexing of tables which used to take just 35 minutes and now executed in aroung 5 hours. And even autogrow of databases both user or Temp Gives Error In error Log like Timeout.
Follow this link to prioritise the issues. Satya SKJ
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what are the perfmon disk latencies (Avg Disk sec/read /write) for the D: partition
Ok the Problem was resolved after after changing ther raid to 1+0 . Thanks