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How can I get this result by SQL script?

Hi Friends, Plesae go through the below data & provide the solution I also like to inform you that the below information is available on Notepad File. 1.1PRAHLADA/DR
FONE-HD7-H MBL940658999
02.DL7-H MBL9810667601 1.1ROY/PSDR
FONE-HYD-H MBL9490117286 I have to import on SQL Table the information only (OneName, MobileNo, RefNo) example below for your review: ONENAME———-MOBILENO——————–REFNO
ROY————–940117286——————RAYQ Amit Kumar
Mob.: 9873812005
I don’t think you can use import/export utility from sql server to import the information to the table unless the information is like: PRAHLADA /DRSWIICRM 22MAY RAQG 940658999 9810667601
ROY/PSDR MUCICRM 30MAY RAYQ 9490117286 in your notepad.
You may try to write a program to read from notepad and insert to the table instead.
What is the column or word seperator in this case, I think using SSIS & XML you could get a solution for this, but before that lot of information required with regard to the source data . Satya SKJ
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