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How can we know the data retreived is valid?

Hi friends,
Recently I come across an interesting question…how can you know the data retreived using a query (contains more joins etc.,)is valid (correct)? Any answers please?
Thanks in advance,
I can’t follow you, can you give some example? Luis Martin
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what I mean is suppose we got some 200 rows due to a query. How can we decide that the retreived 200 rows are correct?
You are challenging the symmantics of SQL Server System. The results generated will be snapshot of the results of the query executed by you at a given periof of time. You have to trust the same. Gaurav
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True … if not sure then check with physical data (such as hard copy or reports).
If the condition defined in the query is wrong then data fetched may be wrong, but as per the query condition the SQL will get required rows/valid data. Satya SKJ
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Garbage In…Garbage Out. You verify the data is correct upon entry. You verify the query matches what’s needed by the business process. If these are right, they query is right. If they are not, you have junk. MeanOldDBA
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