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How do I login using SQL Server Management Console

I just installed the SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition which I got for free at the Launch event. During installation I wasn’t prompted for any SA passwords, I told it to use my local service account for the system to boot with. When I get to the console management tool I’m asked for login information. My local account won’t log in, and I have no idea what the tool ships with as a default for SA. Anybody know what I need to do to just login for the first time?
I have no protocols showing in my SQL Server Configuration Manager for the SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration option. The help indicates I should be able to change the properties for the various options (like I do see under my Client Protocols) but alas there are no protocol options listed. I am running an XP Pro with nothing installed (for SQL Server anyway) other than what came on the DVD, and I am not running IIS services on my machine. The installation warned me that certain SQL processes needed to have IIS installed, but I didn’t want to do that, as I’ve never been happy when running IIS in the past. Do I need it in order for SQL Server to just be able to accept a connection?
*** Never Mind *** When I did the installation I chose the default instance, and apparently there had previously been a failed sql server 2000 installation on the machine so it didn’t install the database engine itself. I removed the previous stuff from the registry, reinstalled with a named instance and I did get the database engine installed, and was able to see the SA and put a password in for it.