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How much maintenance is too much?

What would be the standard time requirement that DBA should spend on DB Maintenance.
Let’s say Database is running for 3 years, and its size is approximately around 1GB.
Database processes 150 transactions per day.

I’m free lance worked. I have 5 clients with differents configurations (from 5GB to 60GB) and requirements.
During the first 6 month I visit each client 2 times per week. Once all tuning was done, I visit 4 clients 2 times a month and 1 client 1 times per week. Of course there is always phone calls and web administration. In short I suppose 3 or 4 hours a day. (just to start with all tasks) Luis Martin
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FIrst you need to fine tune the issues and tackle the issues that might crop up with space issues and defragmentation of indexes on the database. a good article to consolidate the issues at your end. to keep in touch with all kinds of help in performance. Once you’ve tackled the issues then automate the log information that can reduce your time in administration. Satya SKJ
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With only 150 transactions being done per day, my guess is that even with zero work by a DBA the system will continue running (assuming no hardward errors) just fine for a very, very, very long time. A 1 Gig database is probably fully loaded in cache and even without any performance tuning or index maintenance the 150 transactions can occur pretty quickly with no work by you. With a few hours of work you could establish maintenance scripts that would run (with no additional work) and simply send emails when they fail, and configure the system to alert someone if problems do arise. The real question is "How important are those 150 transactions that happen each day?" ie If the system went down what would the impact be? What would be lost if the system went down and the data wasn’t available for minutes, hours, day(s)? Are there people writing ad hoc queries that could destroy/cause a loss of data? Those things determine what would be needed, and what cost to associate with the prevention of downtime.