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How much memory to leave for OS

We have a 64 bit server with 4GB of RAM and I’m installing SQL 2005 standard edition. I’m looking for recommendations on what to set the maximum memory for in SQL Server to ensure the OS doesn’t become starved for memory. My initial thought was 3GB for SQL Server and 1GB for OS. Any reason I shouldn’t set both the minimum and maximum to 3GB for SQL Server as this is a dedicated database server?

Your idea of 3GB for SQL Server and 1GB for the OS is a very common recommendation. But every situation can be a little different. If you choose this setting, monitor if both SQL Server and the OS have enough RAM. If not, then you can always make adjustments later as needed. Setting the min and max to 3GB is also a very common setting. But when you do set the min setting, the 3GB is not automatically all allocated at once. SQL Server will only take as much as it needs. If it doesn’t need 3GB, it won’t take it, even with the 3GB minimum setting. ——————————–
Brad M. McGehee, SQL Server MVP
I would rather say to leave it to default now and anylyse for the need to set up the memory option,
Refer below KB FYI for setting up pagefile size. Regards Hemantgiri S. Goswami
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