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How to catch application timeout?

Hello, once in a while, our application will receive timeout error. When I was being notified by the users (a few minutes later), everything already went back to normal and I couldn’t tell what heppened…… My questions: 1. Can I use Alert or anything else to catch application timeout?
2. How? Thanks a lot!

The simplest way would be to do it from the client side – catching the exceptions as they occur and logging them together with the actions (code/query) that the client had sent to the database server. Nathan H.O.
May also take help from this link to resolve the issue. _________
Satya SKJ

Yes, the application do catches the error. However, it only catches the error for the timeout processes. In this case, I still cannot tell what causes everything else to time out. I guess I ask the wrong question. My question should be, how can I catch the process that is holding up other processes? Thanks!
Use Who and Who2 from SQL Analyzer.
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By the time I ran sp_who, everything is already clear. That is my problem. Therefore, I was thinking if there is an Alert or somehting that can inform me right away when things happened. Thanks!
Try this sql stmt that should track "trouble-makers".<br /><br />I got this idea after reading one of the issues of sql magazine. I forgot the author’s name [<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-2.gif’ alt=’:D‘ />]<br /><br />Anyway, here it is:<br />SELECT <br />spid, cmd, status, loginame, open_tran, <br />datediff(s, last_batch, getdate ()) AS [WaitTime(s)]<br />FROM master..sysprocesses p<br />WHERE open_tran &gt; 0<br />AND spid &gt; 50<br />AND datediff (s, last_batch, getdate ()) &gt; 30<br />ANd EXISTS (SELECT * FROM master..syslockinfo l <br />WHERE req_spid = p.spid AND rsc_type &lt;&gt; 2)<br /><br />Jon M<br /><br />I believe the author is Kalen Delaney.
Thanks to all of you!!