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How to change tempdb files to a different drive ?

Hi there, As my tempdb grows very fast (SQL Server 7.0) and fills up the drive, I am thinking of moving tempdb files to a different dedicated drive with huge space. Is there a way(supported/unsupported) to do this without re-installing the server ? Thanks & regards,
Or you can create another tempdb file (using Enterprise Manager) in any drive.
Luis Martin
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See the post for a discussion on adding tempdb files. I am trying this now. My tempdb file for one on my servers is on the C drive which is getting full. The databases are on a SAN drive which looks like drive E: This server also has a local drive D: with lots of space. Rather than move the tempdb to D: I will leave the existing MDF file on C: and add a number of files on D. I will ensure all files are the same size – in my case I will create 4 files for tempdb all 500Mb in size – tempdb.mdf
tempdb2.ndf, tempdb3.ndf and tempdb4.ndf). I have set this up on a test server that is being used a fair bit. If all goes well I will move it to production. I hope this idea is of use. If I’m making a mistake let me know.