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how to check if db is active

Now I just started my dba role in a new company, and am responsible for a lot of dbs. some of them are not active, I know sql trace can help to check. I am wondering if anyone here can tell me other way to find out if db is active or not.
What do you mean by active? are you looking for the databases which are used by the users?
if so you check this from EM
expand the management branch and see the active processes

Profiler is the only sure way. You could also run a query against sysprocesses on a regular basis to see if anyone has used the database. It’s not failproof of course. Just run something every 30 seconds and only write results to a table if someone was actually in the database.
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thanks, derrickleggett. That’s what I want to know. cheers,
I thought I can use profile or write my own script to use sp_who2 to monitor every few minutes.
sp_who2 would be the same. Again, the only sure way is Profiler. MeanOldDBA
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Alos SQL SErver error log will help you to give information about opened databases while staring services. Satya SKJ
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