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How to configure SQL Server 2000 to enfore ANSI-92

I want to know how to configure SQL Server 2000 so that it will enforce ANSI-92 standard. I hope any SQL coding written for SQL Server 2000 can be ported to other ANSI-92 compliant server and vice versa. Thanks.
I don’t have any doubt in agreeing that SQL Server is a ANSI-92 standard. In SQL Server version 6.0, new keywords and reserved words were introduced that may conflict with attribute names in your version 4.21 database. Some of these keywords are specific to Microsoft SQL Server and some have been introduced for ANSI compliance. A list of these keywords can be found in the online documentation. Declarative Referential Integrity (DRI) offers ANSI-standard attribute constraints such as PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY, CHECK, DEFAULT, and UNIQUE. In olden days beginning with SQL Server version 6.0, triggers are no longer needed to enforce foreign key relationships, and unique indexes are not required to enforce primary keys. In their place, ANSI-standard attribute constraints are introduced. You may get more information about SQL Server in compliance with ANSI-92 from Microsoft support or SQL gurus like Ken Henderson or Kalen Delaney. Satya SKJ
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