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How To – Configure T-Log Location

Hi All, I’ve read 1000 times that to enhance performance and recovery, the T-Logs can be placed on a seperate RAID 1 mirror, from the data disk. I have a SAN and have allocated a mirror set for this purpose. I’m running a SQL 2000 cluster, and would like to have my T-Logs located on the seperate mirror. My question is: HOW? How and when does one tell SQL to use the seperate disk array for the transaction logs? I don’t see an option to do so during setup. When I go to the properties of the server, once installed, and try to change the default location for new databases, I don’t get the option for the mirrored drive either, only the data disk that was established during setup. Can someone please tell me how this is accomplished? Thank you very much. Ren;EN-US;224071 MeanOldDBA
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REefer to the KBA listed by Derrick and while designing the database you must provide the path for data & log file in order to use different paths. Satya SKJ
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i suggest the use of Solid State Disks for the TLog, if you really want to make your Oltp, fly
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A lot of money is a relative term, due to the performance gains. some links :
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