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how to create a table using schema other than DBO?

Hi all,
i m using sql server2005 CTP…i created a database called TEL and in that database i created a user(in security) as
/****** Object: User [COLL_DB] Script Date: 09/27/2005 15:38:51 ******/
CREATE USER [COLL_DB] FOR LOGIN [loginName] WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA=[COLL_DB] Now,when i m trying to create a table in the database TEL as
CREATE TABLE [COLL_DB].abc (c numeric)
commit; it gives me error saying
The specified schema name "COLL_DB" either does not exist or you do not have permission to use it. Now,can someone tell me…what i have to do to fix this error?????????

I’ve just found this. It looks to me like Microsoft changed the way fully qualified names are constructed. [?] — "Recommended By Dr. Audioscrobbler."

OK, I know what the problem is. Read this – it says that ‘if DEFAULT_SCHEMA is left undefined, the database user will use dbo as its default schema’. So it means that you should use the WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA clause with CREATE USER. — "Recommended By Dr. Audioscrobbler."

Thank you very much…it worked…thnks for your suggestions..i really appreciate it..