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How to create a user for restoring db

I have a server with MSDE installed and i have enterprise manager installed on my workstation. I am trying to test a restore of a database, When i try to restore the db i get a error message that says "You must be logged on as ‘sa’ or a member of sysadmin or a member of dbcreator to perform this operation." I dont uderstand how i log in as sa under MSDE. I tried to create a user using Enterprise manager but i cant cause im not logged on as ‘sa’.
You can either get the DBA to grant you permissions or ir you are the dba and have forgotten the password then you can use OSQL to change the password but you’ll have to do it from the server that MSDE is installed on. There’s a break down of the commands that you’ll need here :;EN-US;Q325022 Cheers
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Check what are other processes involved on the SQL Server for this database using SP_WHO on QA. Don’t open EM. Do refer to Shaun’s valid tip. HTH _________
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