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How to create an aggregated field

I have the following fields in table A: GL_ID|GL_Name_VC | Amount |Period_TI|Year_SI
1000| Inventory| 8,000.00 | 01 | 2005
1000| Inventory| -3,000.00 | 02 | 2005
1000| Inventory| 5,000.00 | 02 | 2005
the fields above have the following datatype: Fields | Datatype
GL_ID | Integer
GL_Name_VC | Variable Character
Amount | Integer
Period_TI | TinyInteger
Year_SI | SmallInteger The above database is running on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and i would like to query
for a report that looks something as below: GL_ID | GL_Name_VC |Op Bal|Period_Dr|Period_Cr|Period Bal|Closing Bal
1000 | Inventory |8,000 | 5,000 | -3,000 | 2,000 |10,000 The above report has an Op Bal column which is the sum of all amount in Period 01 in
Year 2005 carried forward as opening balance in Period 02, Period_Dr Column would contain
all positive amount in Period 02 & Period_Cr Column would contain all negative amount
in Period 02. Period Bal is the summation of both Period_Dr & Period_Cr and Closing Bal
column is the summation of Op Bal + Period Bal. Guys, hope someone out there can help me with the sql command for the above report?

You can find answers in responses to other two topics you posted.
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