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How to create database in network drive?

Is it possible to create a database using UNC without using the trace flag specified in the following MS article?…ork drive&src=DHCS_MSPSS_tech_SRCH&SPR=SQL2K& Thanks.
No to bypass it you must use the specified traceflag. Satya SKJ
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If I understand the article correctly, it is not recommended to use this trace flag. So, what is the general apporach to create database in a client and server environment?
The approach is to have a server dedicated to SQL Server and put the databases on local disks (or SAN) on that server. Users don’t need access to the actual database files. They connect through the sql server service. It’s not like an Access database.
If you want to put sql files on NAS, then create the user on NAS with same name & password that is being used to run sql servies.
(like, if you are using domainsqladmin for sql services then create sqladmin user with same password on NAS) I suppose using it you don’t need to enable traceflag before attaching or restoring on UNC path.
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