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how to drop a backup device ?

I have created a backup device using sp_addumpdevice, now i want to drop that .is there any method or stored procedure which can do this.
also ensure me that the space occupied in harddisk will be free or not.
creating backup device willnot occupy any space. its a logican creation of device. for eg: sp_addupdevice ‘DISK’,’D:ackupdevice1′ try this even if ther is no folder called d:ackup . after executing statement , confirm if it created automaticallly.this wil solve ur doubt. <b>Droping a device</b> sp_dropdevice [ @logicalname = ] ‘device’
[ , [ @delfile = ] ‘delfile’ ] or its just a right click away in EM . but i think we cannot delete backupsets manually. Rajiv
I suggest you to refer to the books online for mroe information about such statements and their usage. It helps a ltt in reading the stuff… Satya SKJ
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