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How to get all text by query?

Hi All!!.
Can anybody help me about this?… I have a table with a field named "largefield" wich is a varchar(4000). I decided use this data type because of i need save small letters and query their text. Everything fine but when i try to query the table, it returns always less then 150 character (usually the data stored in "largefield" is 2000 character). I wanna view all text. Is there someway to get this?[?]
I think this is more of a results settings problem. Go to Tools > Options > Results. Change Maximum characters per column to 4000. Gaurav
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Thanks gaurav. It really works!!!!. It works for sql clients and for Active Server Pages.
Note: I don’t have the same result with Crystal Report due to i used a OLE DB connection; but after i try with ODBC connection, it goes like a baby. Thanks again