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How to install Sample database

Pl. guide how to install the adventreworks sample database . I have followed all the instructions as given in the help …after installation i run add/remove programm and then modified with sample databases all options its ok..and then i run ms sql 2005 sample installer from programfiles but when i check in management studio there is no adventreworks database..
i also run the script as directed by books online but it gives a lot of error.. Can Anyone help to solve the problem.. regards
You need to attch those database. By default these database mdf and ldf file are there in Data folder. Eg EXEC sp_attach_db @dbname = N’AdventureWorks’,
@filename1 = N’c:program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server
@filename2 = N’c:program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server
MSSQL.1MSSQLDataAdventureWorks_log.ldf’ ; Madhu
Check BOL topic "installing sample databases [SQL Server]" SQL Server 2005 Books Online
Installing AdventureWorks Sample Databases and Samples
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Refer to Mohammed’s link as they are available as add-on ones, also we would like to know what was that error when you have executed the script as per BOL. Satya SKJ
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