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How to install second instance in Act/Pas CLuster

I have just setup MSSQL 2005 in an Active/Passive Cluster mode running on Windows 2003 server. Now i have a request to setup a second Named Instance on the same cluster. I am looking for a document that would outline the procedure which will include the prerequisites.
The thing that I am worried about is that i read somewhere that each instance will need its own shared disks. If this is true , I will need to rearrange my Storage on my SAN which is cumbersome. I am hoping its not soo complicated. I hope I can use the same shared disks.
I also read about having to setup the Alias using Network Configurator ( SQL 2000) else the installation will fail.
To clarify all these doubts and to setup up the 2nd instance correctly, I would be glad if anyone here could direct me to where I could find good documentation to that effect. Thanks
You don’t need to create the alias like in sql server 2000…
You can do the regular installation…
Do not use the same disks…
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Hi Mohammad,
thank you for the prompt reply,
what do u mean dont use the same disks…I am guessing I will need only the Data Disk right, and that I can use the same Quorom ,Log and MSDTC disks? why cant i use the same disks ?
I mean. if i want the instances to move together across my nodes, why not ?(i am in active/passive cluster mode)
unfortunately i am a newbie with MS clustering . so am learning right now.I have experience with some UX clustering and
any hints u provide will speed up the process
an installation doc would be perfect.. thanks Victor fyi. Satya SKJ
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