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How to install SQL SERVER 2005 on Win Server2003.

Please help me … How to install SQL SERVER 2005 (STD Edition) on Windows SERVER 2003 and Please let me know web link for SERVICE PACK 1 to download. I was trying to install sql server 2005 ( Standard edition) on Windows Server 2003 ( Enterprice Edition). I was getting error like” Windows operating system is not having supporting service pack to install SQL SERVER 2005, go to to get the service pack”. Have downloaded service packes as below
a) SQLServer2005SP1-KB913090-ia64-ENU
b) SQLServer2005SP1-KB913090-x64-ENU
c) SQLServer2005SP1-KB913090-x86-ENU I tried above three files, was getting hotfix.exe is not valid Win32 application Also tried even below given files. a)WindowsServer2003-KB889101-SP1-x86-ENU
Here I was getting error , “ Invalid product id Windows OS” Could any one help me to resolve this issue….
Thanks in advance….

To install SQL 2005 on Windows 2003 box, the windows 2003 service pack should be SP1 or above.
you can download the SP1 for Windows 2003 from the following site :…39-337C-4D81-8354-72593B1C1F43&displaylang=en (a) Install windows 2003 SP1
(b) install SQL sserver 2005
(c) apply SQL Server 2005 SP1 Madhu

Hello Madhu. I have already downloaded Service pack from which you have given the link.
72593B1C1F43&displaylang=en You can see the file name in my post for which you helped me. For that service pack itself I was geeting error " Invalid product id given while instaling the Windows Server 2003". I am muddle with error, how I can give wroug invalid product id key" Do we have any other solution…. Please let me know. Thanks
So the problem is with application of service pack for Windows operating system, in this case you might need to check and apply the same file on another Windows 2003 machine, if it exists on your environment. Check this kBA & about that particular error with WS2003. Fyi. Satya SKJ
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