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How to object dropped alert?

I want to known who created, deleted db and table. How to configure alerts for getting these informations? Thanks
S. Ramesh
AFAIK you may get creation date of DB from master..sysdatabases and for tables query
db..sysobjects you will get creation date and uid but for who deletes the table/db you can use third party tools. Hemantgiri S. Goswami
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Profiler will help you
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Hi, I hope this is related to SQL 2005. In that case u just do not need any third party tool or Profiler. implement DDL Triggers at DB level and Server Level for these kind of audit. Just refer DDL trigger in BOL.
Ref : Madhu
As explained you need to depend upon the tools mentioned and system table will only keep the object creation data and not any deletion or modification. Satya SKJ
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