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How to read from log file

Hi! How can I retrieve information from the log file in SQLServer
without using 3. party tools ? best Arthur
You can use DBCC Log (Databasename|dbid [,ResponseOption]) to read the log. Whereas Databasename|dbid – Identifier for the database you wish to view the log on.
ResponseOption – 0 to 4 for the level of report you need. 0 is default. LOG EXPLORER is the best tool used to read the Tlog and understand clearly (though its bit expensive). _________
Satya SKJ

The DBCC LOG should be run on a small TLOG and after issuing a few DML/DDL commands. Otherwise the output might be slightly overwhelming. I would normally issue various CHECKPOINTs along the way to try and reduce the number of records in my log. A great tool though for understanding some of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes.