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how to recovery a suspected database

Since last system crash ,one database in my sqlserver is marked with "suspect" and unaccessable.
I try to recover it with "sp_resetstatus" command, but it does not work .
So if anyone know how to solve problem ,pls help me!
Restore from last good known backup and assess the cause of ‘suspect’ from SQL error log and event viewer. _________
Satya SKJ

Make sure
(1) You check the Error and Event log
(2) Ascertain the actual cause of ‘suspicion’ and
(3) Resolve the issue
before you use sp_resetstatus or restore from a last known good backup. You sure don’t want your database to be ‘suspect’ again. NHO
And check out these Microsoft Knowledge Base articles for further information on the issue.;en-us;180500];en-us;165918]
Have you restarted SQL after issuing SP_RESETSTATUS as referred in BOL. _________
Satya SKJ

Thanks satya and vbkenya’s advice.But I still have the problem .
I did what;en-us;180500]says,but it doesn’t work for me .
I check the status of the db ,it is not "328" but"4194573".And I’m sure the device file for the database is available .
Because of too many days since my database was marked SUSPECT, the log for it was I can’t find out what cause the problem.
Any more advice for me?

If the database is still marked as suspect after performing these steps, there may be other problems preventing the database from recovering. At this point, you can either restore from a good backup or set the database to emergency mode and use the bulk copy program (BCP) to bulk copy the data out. _________
Satya SKJ